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Cruises in the Caribbean

cruises in caribbean
A cruise in the Caribbean will permit you to get to know the islands from close up, see the different cultures, all within the same holiday, taking advantage of the sun and beautiful white beaches.
There are many destinations for your cruises: the Grenadines, the Islands of Guadeloupe, the Virgin Islands both British and American.
Renting a boat called bareboat, permits you to personally organize your cruise, of course the cost is elevated and is best to split it with family or friends. You can also rent a boat with or without a skipper and you can also request a hostess.
Cabin cruises are always more in fashion, it consists of renting a cabin for the time of the cruise, usually 7/10 days, with an programmed itinerary between the more famous islands and of course with full board. This kind of package is less expensive and for those of you who don’t mind splitting the boat with other people, it’s an ideal way to make new friends and enjoy a relaxing holiday. The skipper is included and often so is the hostess.
Another possibility for a cruising vacation is to take the “official” cruise on a cruise liner that offers more vast circuits but only visiting a few of the Caribbean islands.

Destinations and Ports of Embarking

destinations and ports in caribbean
The ports for charter cruise liners in the Grenadine Islands are usually in Martinique. Even though there are ship bases on different islands. Arriving from the UK it would be easier to embark at Saint Lucia or directly at Saint Vincent.
For easier travel connections with Europe the usual ports of departure are the French Antilles. For those of you arriving from the States the usual departure islands are Porto Rico for cruised to the Virgin Islands and St. Lucia for the Grenadines. Cruises to the Virgin Islands usually depart from Saint Martin and from Guadeloupe. From Guadeloupe you can also depart for a cruise for the Archipelago of Les Saints and Marie Galante and for Saint Martin touching Antigua Barbuda, Saba, St Kitts, Nevis, St Bart and Anguilla.

If you have decided to rent a sail boat you can organize your route with the skipper or with the boat rental agency.

Sail boats in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean there are 2 different kinds of sailing: traditional sail boat or catamaran, with sizes that differ from 15 to 25mts.
A sail boat is more indicated for some cruises like BVI and AVI and for those of you who are more experienced sailors, they are faster boats and the sailing sensations are stronger but they can be less comfortable than catamarans, especially if older and smaller sail boats. The cabins are smaller than the cabins in catamarans and the same goes for the outside spaces.
The catamaran has the advantage of being more stable and for those of you who suffer sea sickness will most probably be less sick. The living spaces are larger and considering that the keel isn’t as deep as a traditional sail boat it is easier to get close to the islands and the beaches.
sail boat in caribbean

When to leave

The best season for a cruise in the Caribbean is normally from December to May, some boats and agencies also offer cruised in the cyclone season….we would like to mention that just because it is called cyclone season doesn’t mean that there will be hurricane! In low season, just the same for properties, prices are very interesting, especially during September, October and November.